Greener processes for a Greener generation

We understand our responsibility to reduce our global footprint. Here are some details of how we are doing our part;

In winter, our factory can get very cold. For the Health & Safety of our team, the air inside our factory is replaced at 14,000 cubic feet per minute through our extraction system. This removes sawdust particles from the air so it doesn’t affect our teams breathing but can also makes it difficult to keep the building warm.

Waste wood and off cuts are collected through our extraction system and held in our onsite silo where it is automatically fed into our burner. Here heat is separated from fumes and pumped back into our factory as a source of heat.

The burner also allows us to securely destroy all confidential information without employing a third party to do so, by doing this in house we are reducing our carbon footprint.

New heaters that have been fitted in our office have open window technology. The heater will automatically turn off if the windows and doors are open.

Our factory is also heated by diesel heaters using Ultra 35 Furnace Flame Diesel. Furnace Flame is not dangerous to the environment. Furnace Flame is also not a Marine Pollutant (according to the data sheet of 2018).

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Our printers are set by default to use Black & White ink and print on Double sided. Paper received, or printed, on one side are reused to reduce our overall paper consumption.

We are trialing new systems to reduce our paper consumption for admin tasks. Job applications, along with collection of essential data, can now be done on our website. This removes the need for an applicant to complete paper based applications.

Cardboard – Our cardboard door boxes are made from 67% recycled material (confirmed March 2022), with the balance from virgin carboard. They are also fully recyclable, if you receive these with your order please recycle them.

Plastic Bags – In 2021 we changed our plastic door bags from ‘Virgin Plastic’ to ‘Recycled Plastic’. Our plastic door bags have always been recyclable and are now sustainably sourced too. If you receive these with your order please recycle them.

Tape – In 2021 we changed our Humphrey & Stretton printed tape from PVC tape to Paper Tape. If you receive these with your order please recycle them.

We reuse boxes and packaging sent into us from our supply chain. Even if we receive plastic packaging on our purchases inbound we will reuse this to package our ironmongery and loose items for an order.

With technological advancements and accounting regulations allowing for digital filing, our subsidiary companies are trialling a fully digital, secure and efficient accounting and filing system.

Being FSC accredited – Chain of Custody CU-COC-806432. Orders placed with an FSC requirement can be guaranteed all timber used has come from sustainable sources.

All too often lights are left on in offices, shops and even homes whilst no one’s in the room. All of our toilets, canteens and walkways now have sensors. This significantly reduces our electricity waste from having walkway lights on constantly for over 10 hours a day to only when the room is dark and it senses movement.

Exterior lighting has day/night sensors. Exterior lights are only on for darkness. We keep exterior lights on whilst no one is on site for safety & security. This allows staff to walk around the premises, whilst easily being able to identify possible hazards. It also allows key holders and the Police to identify a break in, without having to enter the premises.

Health & Safety
Health & Safety is important in all workplaces. We are trialling systems which allow us to inspect essential equipment, such as emergency lighting, without the need to store paper based inspections. This system automatically files an inspection whilst notifying the relevant team of any action required. Ensuring we continue both our commitment to Health & Safety and reduction in our environmental impact.

In 2022 we changed our primer to be water based, this will be used on most orders. Our water based primer reduces our COV Emissions. It is also safer to store and handle menaing we can dispose.