Acoustic Timber Doors

Demands for acoustic or ‘sound’ reduction in buildings have increased heavily in the last 10 years, with ever-growing pressure on the industry to supply solutions to drastically redcuce the transmission of sound waves between partition walls and the doors fitted within them.
Humphrey and Stretton have a vast wealth of knowledge on the subject of acoustics and are able to supply acoustic doors and screens up to 44dB – a performance figure which is constantly changing and advancing.

The emphasis of a performance doorset has to be how well it can seal against the frame. This means precise tolerances and setting-out of gaps about the perimeter of a door to ensure any compression seals work actively to form a continuous sound-tight seal. Without this any seals installed may not function as intended and the performance may be restricted as a result.

High-performance acoustic doors (anything over 35dB) are notoriously costly and can cause issues with disability and access requirements where the seals against the door act against it and increase the force required to open the door. This is a design consideration which needs to be carefully thought-out to find the correct balance. These doors are also greater than the 54mm standard thickness for a typical 60-minute fire door, making their overall mass another design consideration.

With such variation on acoustic seals and door configurations we recommend talking to our technical sales team to ensure the correct product is specified for your project.