Our Privacy Policy

What we class as Personal Information – Humphrey & Stretton plc determine Personal Information as an individuals Name, Number, Email Address (directly addressed to an individual), Personal Address and any information directly identifiable to an individual.

What we class as Business Information – Humphrey & Stretton plc determine Business Information as a company name, number, website, generic email addresses, company addresses, any other addresses that the company has (or had) an interest and any information reasonably identifiable to a company.

All Personal Information obtained will be treated confidentially and in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) or where described otherwise in this Privacy Policy. All Information obtained in all processes are stored and disposed of securely.

Personal Information is necessary throughout our processes and may be shared with relevant parties for operational reasons, this may include third parties.

Using our Website

Our Contact Us Form will store entries on our website and our email servers to aid the prompt actioning of your query and for quality & assurance purposes. All information is kept secure on our servers unless stated overwise.
Our website uses cookies to track users performance and trends whilst on our website. Cookies in use are as follows;


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How we use your data

All calls may be recorded for quality & training purposes. Calls are kept securely on a BT system for one year. Recordings may be shared to prove evidence of a business exchange, for example to verify a change in specification to an order.

Personal Information on Production Schedules & Delivery Notes may be shared with the likes of haulage companies, site staff and Humphrey & Stretton’s relevant customer & suppliers.

Humphrey & Stretton plc insure all credit accounts. Therefore, are required to follow strict guidelines and restrictions imposed by our insurers. We are required to share Business Information including trading history with Humphrey & Stretton plc with our insurers and insurance brokers including any invoices made to our customer and payments made from or on behalf of a customer for them base any future decision on to the wider market, we may also share any documents or accounts sent to us with our insurers to assist a review. Card payments are taken by Broadwalk RP Limited, a partner company, on behalf of Humphrey & Stretton plc. These may show on your bank statement as Broadwalk Interiors. Receipts are retained by both Humphrey & Stretton and Broadwalk RP Limited until the July after 7 years from date of related invoices and payments. In the event of a claim or legal pursuit of funds Humphrey & Stretton plc may disclose all correspondence relating to the dispute including Business Information & Personal Information.

Photos taken by Humphrey & Stretton plc staff may be used for any reason including marketing. If a Humphrey & Stretton photo contains Personal Information or Business Information permission to disclose will be requested prior to use. Where photos are received from another party containing our product we will obtain permission from the sender for use of these photos for any reason including marketing, it will be presumed that the sender has received the correct authority to grant permission.

Personal Information is stored on our secure systems to ease future communications for use by Humphrey & Stretton staff.

In the interest of security and safety management CCTV is recorded at our office and factory (Stretton House, Pindar Road, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, EN11 0EU) and stored on a secure DVR. Recordings are made based on motion leading it difficult to determine how long they will remain saved for but we anticipate recordings to be stored for 6 weeks. Recordings are accessible by Humphrey & Stretton directors and managers.

Where required in negotiation Business Information of a supplier may be shared with another supplier to obtain best quality material at the best price.

Invoices and all supporting documents are stored securely and in line with accounting standards.

Where required Humphrey & Stretton plc will surrender all information to authorities when requested or if criminal activity is suspected.

We hold insurance certificates for our contractors and suppliers in the event of an issue unresolvable through direct means. Certificates or other insurance documents are held in our secure systems accessible by all Humphrey & Stretton staff. Documents will remain on file in the event of a future claim. In the event, or anticipation, of a claim Business Information and Personal Information will be shared with our insurers or body acting on our behalf to resolve our dispute.

Bank details are stored securely and accessible by Directors and Office based staff.

The use of mobile phones in our workplace, including company phones, is done so outside of Humphrey & Stretton plc’s control. All correspondence made to Humphrey & Stretton plc through direct mobile numbers do not form the opinion of nor carry the endorsement from Humphrey & Stretton plc and are therefore void. We cannot guarantee the treatment of information through phones will comply with Humphrey & Stretton plc’s Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions

We will never sell Business Information or Personal Information. Where Humphrey & Stretton plc staff deem it respectably relevant we may share your Business Information or Personal Information with other parties, for example a trade reference or recommendation to your product or services to any party that has come to use where we can’t meet their or your needs.

We collect and store personal data on our ordering system. Data specifically stored on our ordering system are Your Name, Your Email, Your Direct Dial Number, Your Department / Job Title. We store this information securely on our ordering system to allow us to accurately send relevant information, for example Fire Certification and Order Updates.

Where relevant all information obtained by Humphrey & Stretton plc may be shared with company subsidiaries for operational purposes. Our partner companies listed below;

  • Broadwalk Holdings Limited
  • Broadwalk RP Limited
  • Humphrey & Stretton Group plc
  • Humphrey & Stretton Holdings Limited
  • Humphrey & Stretton plc
  • Humphrey & Stretton (Properties) Limited
  • One London Developments Limited
  • SUI Investments Limited


Please speak to your line manager to for a copy of our GDPR policy for employees.

If you wish to know more please get in touch
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