Fire Rated Doors for Schools

Schools, Colleges and Universities are Humphrey & Strettons’ Bread and Butter; there is never an occurrence where we are not manufacturing doors for a project within the education sector. With short lead-times and high quality a requirement, we pride ourselves in being able to offer a superior service for this industry. Be it a new build – such as The Royal Veterinary College – or a simple refurbishment of a small teaching block, gymnasium or student accommodation, we are able to cater for 5 doors or 500 doors all in bespoke, non-standard sizes with unique finishes. We differ from many UK timber door suppliers in that we do not have an off-the-shelf product; all items are manufactured from their raw material into a fully functioning fire door in just eleven days on average.

Should a site visit be required we have tradesmen who can carry out a survey at short notice of any existing openings – whether the frame is being replaced or retained. This ensures accuracy and reduces labour requirements on site as few or no adjustments will be needed to make the door fit in an opening. Modifying a door or frame on site can not only increase overhead costs for a main contractor but may also invalidate any fire certification the door was originally manufactured in accordance with.

Part-M Vision Panels Typical of School Doors

Doors in a school environment may need specialist acoustic requirements, such as those provided to the Bryanston Academy Music School and Auditorium. For classrooms and library locations 35dB is more than adequate, however if there is a need for greater performance Humphrey and Stretton currently offer doors up to 44dB. This market is gaining more and more recognition from architects and designers alike with the ever-increasing rules on sound levels in any given area within a building, increasing the desire for higher levels of sound reduction. As such, our products are always evolving and we will always pursue this corner of the market to provide the best acoustic doors and screens for our customers. You will probably find that doors within this environment have a requirement to comply with the guidelines specific to disabled users too – see our information on disability access and requirements.