Fire-Rated Doors and Doorsets

FD30 Fire Door Sign - Self Adhesive - 50mm Diameter - Rigid Plastic - Blue
FD60 Fire Door Sign - Self Adhesive - 50mm Diameter - Rigid Plastic - Blue

Modern Fire-Rated Doors are a requirement in any building with public access to prevent and reduce the risks associated in the event of a fire, which can be costly both for business and ultimately to lives.

Humphrey and Stretton have been providing the marketplace with fire doors for many years and our technical department are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

At present we offer 30-minute and 60-minute fire ratings (for Integrity) on both our Vendor and Lamdor ranges – see menu opposite.

These doors are rated for ‘Integrity’ and can have a variety of finishes and – when used in combination with the correct glass – various different vision panel arrangements.

Fire Doors can also be rated for thermal insulation – this is the level of heat transfer from one side of the door to the other. In the event of a fire the intense heat generated will penetrate through normal fire-rated glass in a very short amount of time whilst still maintaining its’ integrity and remaining intact. With careful selection of specific types of fire-glass an integrity rating of 30 or 60 minutes can be acheived. This is often described in literature as a 30/30, 60/30 or 60/60 fire rating, ie. Fire Integrity (30) / Insulation (30).

In February 2019 our 30 minute doorsets were tested to last in excess of 59 minutes!


Humphrey and Stretton carry IFCC certification, which is otherwise referred to in L20 specification documents as “third party fire accreditation”

“What does this mean for the specifier or end-user?”
Third-party fire accreditation acts as a form of insurance policy for the specifier, end-user and the contractor for the project. It means that all IFCC fire-rated products are only manufactured in accordance with the test evidence which exists to support the claim to an FD30 or FD60 fire rating. The scheme is UKAS-accredited and can be considered equivalent to the likes of a Trada Q-Mark or Certifire certificate.

“What advantages are there to third-party fire certification?”
Essentially this means better control of fire-rated products, it means that the fire door cannot be supplied without the correct frame, to the correct tolerances or with the wrong glass or seals. What is becoming ever-more common in the industry is the amalgamation of several suppliers’ products (often originally from outside Great Britain) to form a ‘fire-rated doorset’. The evidence is often sourced or compiled from many different certificates and the end product may never have been tested in the same configuration as any fire test evidence that exists to support it. The offering of IFCC certified products gives our customers peace of mind that their fire-rated door or screen has been manufactured to the correct standards.