VenDor® Internal Fire Doors

Vendor® is our standard internal solid particleboard door. These can be supplied as 44mm non fire rated, 44mm FD30 and FD30S as well as 54mm FD60 and FD60S door leafs. Their construction consists of 3 layers of particleboard which is then laminated together to form a very strong and durable core with a density between 540 -600kg/m³. This provides a secure fixing for attaching door furniture and hanging devices, hinges and pivot systems. These doors achieve a Severe Duty durability rating which is the highest attainable level of durability currently tested.

Vendor® doors are exclusively for internal use except in circumstances which will mean they are sheltered from the outside elements. If a more demanding environment dictates a specialist core our Lamdor range is probably more suitable.

Fire certification gives a wide scope of available sizes and design opportunities with regards to vision panels, solid overpanels, fanlights and sidelights.

All Vendor doors are sized and machined on site in our factory in Hoddesdon. Generally a hardwood lipping is applied to all 4 edges – although if budget is a concern we can apply lippings to just 2 edges – before a decorative finish is applied. The following finishes can be applied to our Vendor door range:

Paintgrade: Using a special paper-based MDO (Medium Density Overlay) on all paintgrade doors up to 1200mm wide offers great surface preparation for application of paint – minimising the finishing time required on site.

Veneered: A wide variety of veneers are available for selection, from Oak, Beech, Ash and Maple to more exotic veneers and specialist figured veneers. If it can be sourced in Europe we will help to find your desired veneer facing, no matter how exotic or rare.

Laminated: Pressed onto the face of the door concealing or leaving the lippings exposed a laminate offers a distinctive full-colour facing to a door leaf. We can source laminates from the likes of Formica, Polyrey and many others, but lead times will vary depending on UK stock levels. With a vast spectrum of colours, patterns and even wood-effect laminates available we are seeing the market favour this finish more and more in schools and office environments.

Factory Paint finish: Carried out off-site, a factory-applied spray paint finish offers a very superior paint covering. Prices vary with colour selection, so please enquire with the relevant colour reference or RAL code for an accurate estimate.

PVC Encapsulation: Doors can be PVC encapsulated or post-formed. Using a thermo-forming technique which involves shaping the PVC protection to the shape of the door including radius edges, offering superior impact resistance and durability.
Vendor doors are certified for sustainable use.