Proud to Supply our NHS

We are Proud to Supply our NHS!

Since the start of the coranvirus pandemic we have continued to supply all our customers to the same quality allowing those living in flats and care homes to do so safely. Allowing hosptial wards to open safely ready to help those in need.

With the second wave on its way we have been contacted by NHS and many customers on behalf of the NHS enquiring about urgent orders to send our Fire Doors & Frames to hospitals so their teams can install them in preparation for an increased demand in hospital. For years Humphrey & Stretton plc have manufactured Servere Duty Fire Doors for hospitals such as Leeds General Infirmary, Lister Hospital (Stevenage), Barnet Hosptial and Royal Free Hosptial (London). With the urgency in getting wards up and running we have been able to prioritise NHS work without delay to existing work for our customers ensuring no job incurs an unexpected delay.

The importance of Fire Doors and Frames continues to make itself. Fire Doors slow the spread of a fire as shown in our PASSED Fire Test as part of the investigation into the Fire Door market following the Grenfell Disaster. The photo is our 30 minute fire rated doors which shows the safe side of the door at 50 minutes – nearly double the required timing – and the side exposed to the fire. This can clearly show the importance of a Fire Door and how they can help save lives. It doesn’t just come down to the quality of the door, if Fire Doors are installed by an uncertified installer they could leave gaps which which may be fatal and could void the fire rating.

Manufactured to order at our Factory in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire we are able to ensure all materials are to a high standard. With our in house quality control any issue can be corrected before it arrives on site which can cause delays and disruption to site.

From servere duty to high end design – we can supply Fire Rated Doors for your project. Contact us or look through our Brochure for more information.

Humphrey & Stretton plc hold third party accreditation for our fire certifiaction which is audited annually to ensure compliance. O&Ms for our products can be requested after despatch.

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