Don’t Leave Your Loved Ones & Home at risk this Christmas!


Help keep everyone safer by following these simple steps; 

  • 1) Smoke, Fire & CO2 Alarms are working
  • 2) Fire Doors are in place where necessary
  • 3) Fire Doors are KEPT SHUT and not kept open with a door stop
  • 4) Assist those who may be vulnerable
  • 5) Ensure your escape is clear and free of locked doors


Did you know in the year ending March 2019 there were 316 fire related fatalities in Great Britain with a further 8,750 Fire Related Non-Fatal Casualties. Although there are various causes of fire you can reduce the rate to a fire spreads with fire stopping materials such as Fire Doors & Dorsets. These are designed to delay the spreading of a fire buying the victims and emergency services time to rescue those in need.

In recent trends taken from our sales information there has been an increase in demand for an 60 minute fire rated door providing longer lasting safety commonly used in office blocks and hotels. As smoke is the primary cause of death for victims of fire, you can see why the majority of our orders are fire and smoke. This will prevent the passing of smoke through the gaps around the door reducing the risk to life.

When purchasing a fire door always ensure it is manufactured by a reliable manufacturer with supporting evidence that their product is up to standard, for example fire certification. Fire doors must be accompanied by a suitable fire rated frame and
installed by an accredited installer of fire doors & frames and are installed with the correct tolerances, we recommend a maximum of 3mm gap around all sides of the door.

Fire doors don’t need to look industrial and hard-featured! There is a vast range of quality
timber doors and frames. We can offer Paintgrade, Veneered, Laminated and even leather faced doors with our SoftTouch™ offering stylish designs with no detriment to quality.

At Humphrey & Stretton we use 3rd party fire certification through IFC. Our certificate can be found here.



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