74 fires a day – National Statictics

74 fires a day

That’s how many dwelling fires the Fire & Rescue Service attended in England between April 2020 & March 2021.

7% of fires in purpose built high-rise and 7% of fires in medium-rise flats & masonettes spread beyond the room of origin. This shows the importance of Fire Doors. Designed to keep you safe Fire Doors limit the spread of fire giving you vital time to escape or be rescued by Fire & Rescue Service.

Dwelling fires account for 78% of Fire-related fatalities. Most of these the cause of death was ‘overcome by gas or smoke’. With FD60S Fire Rated Door & Frame this would protect you from fire & smoke. Intumescent strip and jackets go around the door / frame and locks. Intumescent is activated by heat and swells to block any gaps between the door & frame. Dropseals are also used to protect vthe transfer of smoke underneath the door.

Protect yourself and your loved ones by installing Fire Doors & Frames. When installed correctly and by a certified installer they may save your life.

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Statistic Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/detailed-analysis-of-fires-attended-by-fire-and-rescue-services-england-april-2020-to-march-2021/detailed-analysis-of-fires-attended-by-fire-and-rescue-services-england-april-2020-to-march-2021

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