Humphrey & Stretton go east

IMG_7724Exciting news in the East

Since the mid 1990’s Humphrey & Stretton plc has had a presence in the Far East – through the Humphrey brand. This operation has experienced somewhat of a renaissance in an increasingly-buoyant market. While there is a highly successful team in Hong Kong, led by Castor Chan of Hung Tat Timber, it has become clear that more resources are needed in the wider region to support our strong Humphrey brand. Demand for Humphrey & Stretton`s products and services is on the increase in a number of emerging economies in Asia and specifically there has been a sharp upturn in activity in the Southeast region.

Therefore we are delighted to announce the incorporation of a new subsidiary Humphrey Asia to serve our customers in that region – from the vibrant hub of Hong Kong. The choice of Hong Kong was easy; it has an enterprising business environment, strong business infrastructure, political stability and an international outlook. For many years, we have enjoyed long-standing relationships with loyal customers there and its strong links with European and specifically British Architects made it a natural choice.

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